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Our online marketing services help you to promote your website, to attract visitors and make known the services.

Our company will promoted your business and your company image over the competition, on the internet, with smart and efficient ways.

We apply advanced promotion and optimization strategies for websites made by our agency or for web projects that are already online and have not benefited from these services.

Through our experience and knowledge of digital marketing, we provide a range of comprehensive services for promotion and online advertising aimed at both multiply the number of visitors to your website and number of clients.


Create and managing online campaigns through social networks.

Social Media is the multitude of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, ...) through which you can reach clients and communicate with them in a more easy way. Our agency offers services of advertising campaigns through social networks.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the best solution to generate quality traffic to your website and increase brand value. It is very effective in terms of cost because it offers many unique advantages that traditional advertising can not offer.

The objectives of a social media marketing campaign:

Increase traffic to your website;
Building a good relationship with the target audience;
Increase importance of your brand;
Create a positive visual identity;

Due to the large number of users, chances are that your online company profile to be known through such an online promotion campaign.

The steps of implementing a successful SMM campaign:

Before you start any social marketing campaign online, our team will scroll through an effective approach to its success:

Objectives that we face;
Analysis of the industry and identifying the target audience in order to establish the hierarchy of social platforms that will be promoting online ;
Message sent to your audience through social media marketing, to be helpful;
Variety in the published content by implementing a media galleries attractive and quality content;
Getting positive feedback from users after the published content;



Promote PPC (Pay Per Click) is the second most important method of promotion in online for all kind of websites. However, PPC promotion has both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage would be that the results can be seen from the first day. The biggest disadvantage is that they cease when the payment service is ceased.

By promoting the development of PPC campaigns we understand posting ads and sponsored links using our Google AdWords or other networks and populating the pages of Facebook fans through the service called Facebook Ads. Also, publishing links, banners, advertorials or surcharge on various sites with high traffic is a very common practice and as Email Marketing campaigns (sending newsletters, etc.).

Why choose PPC campaigns?

Your business becomes known
PPC campaigns helps you get in search results among the first customers exactly when they search for products, information or services promoted by your business, regardless of the device used;
The ads appear only to interested customers exactly when they search for your product or service to you. You can target ads to specific audiences and to certain regions, countries or cities. Make your online presence felt at the time and place;
Immediate effects
First results appear immediately on Google. Paid search advertising immediately make you visible to potential customers, who can access your website or can call you directly. By Google Adwords campaigns, products and services you immediately reach target audiences;
It is cost effective
You set a daily budget and pay only when there are clicks on your ads;
Measurable results
Are you aware of your campaign performance. Google tracking tools show you at any time the number of accesses your website, phone calls and actual sales number after your paid ads;



Organic SEO is the simplest and also the most important way to boost your site in the top results of search engines. The advantage of this type of promotion is that once there, the site will remain in the top results for an indefinite period without any extra costs.

Although organic promotion does not make a difference as quickly as PPC promotion, it has the advantage of being lasting perspective. None of the methods should not be neglected and it is preferable to focus on both.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and involves several techniques that can make your site appear in the top results of search engines. This techniques improves the number of visitors coming from this source and open many other possibilities.

If you have a site that is not done by Media7, you can opt for a SEO results. Prices are normal and you have access to results and can easily weigh whether it is worth or not do it for optimizing your site in terms of SEO with our specialists.

Websites designed by us id benefiting from the start of search engine optimization, page and site structure comply with standard rules and algorithms.


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