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We help you create a brand identity pack for your company, graphic design and corporate design layouts.


We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, to be easily recognized by partners and customers we have an opportunity to impact visual identity.

First, we understand the specifics of your business that are strategic objectives and courses of action, and then analyze how your industry operate and competition to build a visual identity impact catchy, inspiring credibility and differentiate yourself in the market.

The purpose of design the visual identity of your company is to graphically represent your business, to build and promote a brand. A brand identity is not complete without a brand name and logo. Once created, they are integrated into every aspect of society, from business cards to signage totems, flyers, promotional items and products.

We put into practice your idea, we realize graphical templates to convey effective advertising message on media: posters, flyers, brochures, catalogs, presentation folders, poster-size prints, advertising promotional varied (pens, lighters, T-shirts, balloons, office equipment, etc.)

The identity of the company or product is the essential element that will differentiate your business or product from the competition. It is perhaps the most precious element of your company, summing up the unique way you present.

We offer uniqueness, freshness and an enviable identity.



Graphical design creative processes involved and therefore requires originality, personality, and experience. The same product or service can be presented in several ways, each is effective in the target audience to whom it is addressed.

We can create the visual identity from scratch, or we can restore if no longer fits current trends or looks outdated. A simple logo recognizable, unique visual can become a key point in your business.

Our team of professional designers is always ready to help you create, adjust the visual identity of your business!

We deal in concept, design and production corporate visual identity design elements:

Modern Business Cards;
Advertising materials;

The first step to be done by a company that begins to develop in the market is to develop a visual identity. In many cases, the difference between a successful business and one doomed to failure is brand positioning in terms of vision and strategy used.

We are available to create graphics that help to increase the visual impact of your company and products.


For your current or future website, Media7 will create a logo to match the content or type of business you own.

When we develop a logo for your business materials and website, we rely on customer preferences in terms of color, design and take into account the suggestions it provides us.

The permanent collaboration with the client, as well as in other cases, a keyword is in the process of creating a logo.

Contact us to discuss about your project!

Each application is unique, so you will need to contact us and send some details of the project.

We will also prepare a free quote to help you plan your budget.

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