Implementation and Development Custom Software

Complex solutions tailored and customized for your company. Software application accessible on mobile, desktop and web


We develop and integrate custom software solutions for various business needs.

Whether developing enterprise applications, desktop, mobile or web, our solutions are efficient, stable and easy to maintain.

You can automate your business with solutions developed by Media7: ERP, CRM, POS, Cloud Contracts, applications for automated online scheduling, integrated solutions to real estate agencies, software for travel agencies.

If you are interested in a customized solution that will automate and improve your business and want to make this professionally step, please contact us and we will provide you free analysis.

Do not adapt your business to existing software applications, they have to adapt to your business.


A web application is an application that runs on a web server and is accessed through a browser for unlimited clients.

Web applications and can be used easily by people without specialized technical training in web technologies.

We offer you

Consulting and business analysis to understand how a software system can support your business;
Fast execution time;
Correct assessment of costs and deliver a report illustration budget;
You will be able to trace permanent the evolution of the project;


Contact us to discuss about your project!

Each application is unique, so you will need to contact us and send some details of the project.

We will also prepare a free quote to help you plan your budget.

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